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"CODA VIBE" Bladed/Vibrating Jig

"CODA VIBE" Bladed/Vibrating Jig

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After months of research, field testing, and customer feedback, the CODA VIBE is ready for "Pre-Order".  We custom designed the head to generate immediate blade vibrating action as soon as you start to retrieve this Jig.  We added a Switch Blade (Z-Man Patented) blade that connects directly to the Hook Eye which eliminates any rolling that you see in similar Jigs that are connected via a split ring.  We also beefed up the line to lure tie with a 75lb Coastlock Snap, this Jig is an absolute work horse in any condition!

  • Proprietary Head Shape
  • Super Durable, High Gloss, Powder Painted Head
  • 100% Silicone Skirting
  • Hand Tied Skirt with 26 Gauge Coated Copper Wire
  • 3/8oz - 4/0 MUSTAD Round Bend Jig Hook - 30 degree Bend
  • 1/2oz - 5/0 MUSTAD Round Bend Jig Hook - 30 degree Bend
  • Queens Tackle Switch Blade (Patented by Z-Man) 

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